Frequently Asked Questions

What is NextChain?

NextChain is a free online ordering platform for professional kitchens and food suppliers. Our mobile app enables chefs to place orders instantly and communicate with all their suppliers in one place. For suppliers, our web app makes it easier to process orders, manage their catalogue and customer relationships.

Who is NextChain for?

Our platform is open to all businesses in the food and hospitality industry. Food producers, farmers, distributors and wholesalers. On the buying side, food retailers and professional kitchens (restaurants, bars and cafes). However, it is strictly a B2B platform.

Do my suppliers have to be on NextChain?

As long as your suppliers accept orders via email or text, you can use NextChain to place an order from them - even if they do not use our platform.

How much does it cost to use NextChain?

It is free to use NextChain for restaurants. We charge suppliers a simple, flat monthly fee for full access to our product.

Do you have another question?

Just contact us and we will be happy to help!